Interactvty, the ideal solution for your content.

With the power of Interactvty’s OTT platforms, you can manage your content easily and efficiently, the potential of video is clear.
First of all, in the management and organization of all the videos through a simple and powerful manager (CMS). This allows you to, for example, theme your videos by creating specific channels. The result is being able to offer your videos in a completely customizable way.

Second, you do it safely and with a professional quality which allows you, if it is your option, to be able to monetize your videos not only by selling them, as can happen with training courses but also by including advertising.

And, lastly, with total control through analytics and statistics. Thus, you will be able to control the contents with higher demand and better results and update your strategy to achieve maximum performance. With Interactvty you will have all the Big Data of the consumption of all your contents. You will no longer depend on others to provide it to you anonymously and generally. Now you will know all your users and their behavior in real-time together and on all PC, mobile, and Smart TV devices.

Interactvty takes your content to the web, Android, IOS, Chromecast, AirPlay, Android TV, Apple tvOS, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, VEWD, Roku, and any TELECOMs platform. All are managed with single management from a single CMS.

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